Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Morning caffeine, the nanotech geeks and Science at Biophysics

A bright and sunny morning has dawned on Chi town as we all  get set to go to the Biophysical Society  meeting in four days! The excitement is brewing up as everyone around is getting their posters ready, putting their itineraries in place, zeroing in on the talks to attend and juggling with places to dine in San Francisco!

With morning symposiums starting as early as 8:15 am, the demand for caffeine is high. As I have noticed in the earlier Biophysics meetings, getting to the conference center a good 30 minutes earlier than the talk you are attending is always a great idea so as to get your morning coffee well in time. The lines are long and the rooms are spaced out. Not to mention the fact you never know who you will bump into and start conversing with.  For all you know it might be the person reviewing your latest grant application or publication! Those 5 mins of conversation are like a double espresso shot in itself - you might be talking about the sea lions in the bay area one second and the next you would  be playing quid pro quo about the latest innovations in nanotechnology and drug delivery systems! To top it all such times are like time warps when scientists from all around the globe exchange ideas. 

So a key point to keep in mind as you plan your itineraries and get ready for Biophysics - slot in those few extra minutes when you stand in queues for caffeine, meet the coolest people in science whose papers you read and ensue those storming ideas which might be the next project you work on! Its the beehive and we are heading in it! See you all soon!

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