Sunday, February 21, 2010

The Internet Kiosk, a lost umbrella, a request!

The line waits at the internet kiosks peaked at around lunch time at 12:45pm!  A beautiful black and white umbrella with red venitian gondolas was left in the drawer of the internet kiosk!

A request to all - The umbrella is missing and has not been returned to the LOST AND FOUND section. If you have found it then please turn it in at the BPS desk by the internet kiosk or at the lost and found desk at BPS.


  1. Hey wassup with your rss feed ? i cant subscribe to them in opera 9.25!! You might want to fix it soon :>

  2. Hey the rss feed works fine for other browsers, i am not sure why it wont work with opera 9.25! I will look into it! Thanks :)